RTRT Automation Tool Testing


RTRT is the tool Developed by the Rational rose IBM . This is the widely used tool in all the avionics industery for Testing  the Products and Certifying by the certification Agency. This tool Genarates the reports  which will be help full for validating piece of code. RTRT is used for Unit, Module, Integration and System Testing.

Apart from this Tool there are many other tool like Logiscope... is also used . RTRT is the popular testing tool in avionics industry. The following Paragraphs Which are prepared in near future is reprasents how to test a Object Oriented Code like C++, ADA 98 Language.

The main moto of Preparing this Artical is to make the Readers of this website to under stand How the RTRT Tool being used in the Different Testings of OOPs.There are many people struggling for understanding and usage of the RTRT tool . this artical will explains all this information.


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